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The puppies on this page are from our previous litters. They are not for sale. 


Cocoa (Pictured Below): Dobson Dogs Farm

Cocoa is a red tri female from Sara and Baxter

Cocoa at 6.5 weeks

Cocoa at 2 years


Sadie & Josie (Pictured below): Van Horne, IA

Sadie is a black tri female and Josie is a blue merle female.

At 10 months Sadie is 21″ and weighs 45 lbs. Sadie is so big! I am so glad she has Sara’s personality and sweetness. Sadie’s build is dense and she is really strong. She is very calm and appears older than she is. Josie is a fast learner and sweet too like Sadie, but she is more assertive. Nothing better than an Aussie!!!

Sadie of Lucy & Rover

Josie 2 months of Lucy & Rover, Sadie 10 months of Sara & Baxter



Memphis (Pictured below):

Memphis is a handsome black tri male from Lucy and Rover, weighing 65 lbs.



Bean (pictured below): Omaha, NE

Bean is a handsome blue merle male  from Bella and Bo.



Maggie & Fiona (Pictured below): Rochester, MN

Both are blue merle females.

Fiona & Maggie of Sara & Baxter


Remy & Ruger (Pictured Below): Ames, IA

Kristy, I wanted to give you an update on Remy. He’s 4 months old and weights 25lbs. He knows sit and lay-down really well. He’s learning roll over, stay, and come. He loves chewing on things and has started to loose his puppy teeth. He’s getting better and more interested in fetch. He has a big personality and enjoys meeting new people as well as dogs. He is really good at kenneling. He enjoys car rides and going on walks. He is such a sweetheart and prefers to be nearby. We have enjoyed him so much!

Remy of Janie & Baxter

Ruger of Lucy and Rover

Remy and Ruger

“Just wanted to give you and update on Ruger. He is such a sweetheart! I can’t believe how different his personality is from Remy. Ruger is much more low-key. He likes to hang out on the couch and observe. He is also much more likely to want to cuddle than Remy ever did. Ruger likes to play with Remy, but when he has had enough he will go off and lay down. It’s truly amazing how different their personalities are. They have gotten along so great! Remy can still be a bit much for Ruger at times, but it is getting better. We did have some trouble with potty training but it has gotten better now that he has gotten older. I think a lot of it was because there was no set schedule since Remy would want to play all the time. I must say, Ruger has been the perfect addition for us!”


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Case & Zoe (pictured below): Downers Grove, IL

Both are Blue Merle females.

We are thrilled with both of our Dobson Aussies! Case will be a year old this month and Zoe is four months old. They are great friends! 

We love them so much! Actually everyone who meets them falls in love! Thanks again for these delightful girls! 

Case of Sara & Baxter

Zoe of Miya & Cruz


Mac (pictured below): LaCrosse, WI

Mac of Miya & Cruz

“This is Scar who we have renamed as Mac and wor

ds cannot even begin to describe how thrilled we are to have him in our family. From the moment we picked him up we fell in Love. He slept the whole way home. NOT ONE LITTLE PEEP!!! He has slept through the night since the night we got him and is just is the best dog! He’s so sweet and loving. He can play fetch, loves to go for walks, and knows different commands as sit and stay. He has been the perfect dog. He went from 8 lbs to 27 real fast and is still growing. He might be over 30 actually as I am typing this lol! We have had numerous people stop and ask us what kind of dog he is and where we got him from. Our only regret was not getting two puppies and bringing one of his original brothers and sisters home with us!”


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Kyle & Bailey (Picture below): Fort Madison, IA


Kyle of Lucy and Rover and Bailey of Janie and Baxter are both beautiful blue merle females. “They are like two peas in a pod


Charlie (Pictured Below): Brockman, MA

Charlie of Sara and Baxter


Brandie (Pictured Below): Lancaster, WI

Brandi of Janie and Baxter


Brody (Pictured Below): Glenburn, ME

Brody of Sara and Baxter


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Dallas (Pictured Below): Keokuk, IA

Dallas of Lucy and Rover


Finn (Pictured Below)

Finn of Sara and Baxter


Ripley (Pictured Below): Rockford, IL

Ripley of Molly and Rover


Ellie (Pictured Below)

Ellie of Lucy and Rover


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Doc (pictured below on the left): Waterloo, IA

Red Tri Male

When Doc was just over 3 months old, his owners said, “Just wanted to give you an update on Doc! He is now up to 15lbs! He is standing at 15 inches tall at his back! He always lets us know by whining when he has to go outside. He knows his name, ‘No’, ‘come here’, ‘naughty’, ‘go potty’, and we are working on ‘stay’ currently. Accidents are getting to be a rare occurance. He loves to go outside and play in the snow with my mini aussie. Doc’s legs and paws are bigger and thicker than my 2 year old aussie! I think he is going to be a tank like his grandpa Bo! He has been to the vet for a distemper booster, deworming, and we also have gotten him microchipped! He is very good riding in the car. (I usually have a bone for him) He is such a sweetheart and we are very happy with him.”

Doc of Sassy & Baxter


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Charlie and Spike (pictured below): Cedar Rapids, IA

Red Merle Male

“Charlie is very calm and sweet. He loves to snuggle and was very easy to train. After just 10 days with us,  he was going to the door and sitting when he had to go out to go potty.  His markings/colors are awesome, with 2 different colors of brown patches, a light caramel color and then a darker brown.  Both of his eyes have both bright blue and light green in them.  So beautiful!”

Charlie’s owners later came back and purchased Spike, a black tri male from Bo and Kaci who are both retired (Pictured below).

Spike of Kaci & Bo, Charlie of Kaci & Bo, Dusty (not a Dobson Dog)


Charlie of Kaci & Bo


Bailey (pictured below): Boston, Massachusetts

Bailey is a gorgeous Blue Merle male with two blue eyes. He has a wonderful personality and is stunning!! Bailey is from our retired Kioda.



Buster (Pictured below): Mitchell, SD

Buster is a handsome Black Tri male from Sassy and Baxter with nice copper trim. Buster loves to meet new people and enjoys running along side his owner as he bikes.


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Cocoa’s Previous Puppies (Pictured Below)


Miya’s Previous Puppies (Pictured Below)

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Janie’s Previous Puppies (Pictured Below)



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Lucy’s Previous Puppies (Pictured Below)


Sara’s Previous Puppies (Pictured Below)