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Meet Our Aussies

Before I introduce you to our fur babies, please meet Kioda, the one who started it all…

KIODA: Blue Merle, Resting in Peace; 

Birthdate: 8/9/05

*We had to say goodbye to Kioda on Dec 17, 2020. We will forever miss you and love you Kioda!*

This was Kioda; our very first Aussie mommy and the reason we started breeding Aussies. She was a beautiful blue merle who was very obedient, loyal, and loving. She was definitely my baby and will probably always be my absolute favorite because of her adorable personality. Kioda loved to flirt and show off when we came home; always picking something up and wiggling around to show us how excited she was to see us. She also smiled (for select people!!!) Kioda was so gentle in everything that she did. She was a wonderful companion and mother. We love you, Kioda, and miss you everyday!

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Our Dams: 

Pedigrees for each parent are available upon request.

Hope: Red Merle Female, 50 lbs

Birthday: 3/17/2018

Registered AKC

Hope is a beautiful Red Merle Female that we raised from our previous pair: Sara and Baxter. Hope is pretty calm after she gets over the excitement of seeing you. She is pretty obedient and loves to give kisses. Hope is pretty accepting of new people. We adore this girl!

Merci: Blue Merle Female, 47 lbs

Birthdate: 3/8/20

Registered AKC

Merci is a beautiful blue merle from our Janie and Baxter. She is a third generation for me as I also owned her grandparents: Kaci & Bo. Merci loves to play fetch. She is very smart and loves to be with us. She is playful, but calm and is very attentive. Merci is a great mommy and such a good companion.

Grace /”Gracie”:

Red Merle Female, 35-40 lbs

Birthdate: 5/14/20

Registered AKC

Gracie is a beautiful red merle of very small size. We raised Grace from our former dam: Cocoa. Gracie is a sweet girl who loves to give kisses and is still easily excitable. She loves to play with other dogs and she is still learning her manners, but she is eager to please. Grace seems to be everyone’s favorite and she is an excellent mother.

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Black Tri Male, 55 lbs (?), 22-23 inches

Birthdate: 1/23/21

AKC Registered, ASCA Eligible


Reuben is a stunning Black Tri, with minimal white trim and lots of bold copper. He is red factored and is ASCA Eligible. Reuben is playful, but after he’s had his exercise, he is generally calm, especially for his age. Reuben is great with kids and gets along well with most other dogs. He is very obedient and loves to go for walks (for him, that means he chases the field birds!)  Reuben has sired lovely puppies who are just as smart and loving as he is!

Red Ryder

Red Tri Male: 22″, 45 pounds

DOB: 11/27/21

AKC Registered, ASCA Eligible

Red Ryder is a stunning red tri male, with minimal white markings and gorgeous green eyes. He comes from two working parents, but does not work himself, although he enjoys “gathering” the chickens whenever he has the chance! Red Ryder’s previous puppies are very calm, laidback, and intelligent. Red Ryder is a huge sweetheart!


Jack: Black Tri,  65-70 lbs, 23 inches

Birthdate: 3-17-17

Registered: AKC


Jack is a handsome, large, black tri male. He has some quirky personality traits that make me laugh! When he’s been out in the yard for a long time and I ask him to go inside, he goes and lays down and looks a me like “make me” then I go and just touch his collar and he goes right in! I guess that’s his way of being in charge of something :). Another quirky thing he does is that when I am grooming him, he tries to put one front paw on each of my shoulders and bear hug me– makes brushing a bit difficult LOL. Such a lover! Jack is a good boy!


Miya: (RETIRED) Black Tri, 49 lbs, 21 inches

DOB: 6/7/14

Registered AKC

Miya is a gorgeous black tri female from our former pair Lucy & Rover. She has beautiful white and copper trim and she a wonderful sleek, shiny coat. Her mannerisms remind me of Rover; they both wiggle with excitement in a flirtatious way. When it’s just our family, Miya is very well tempered. She is great with our kids and is very gentle and mild, but she isn’t always excited about new people or dogs. She does not love leashes or car rides. She does enjoy going to the groomer now (well, minus the car ride there!). Miya is the sweetest girl with people she knows and trusts.


BAXTER (RETIRED): Black Tri, 45 lbs, 20 inches

Birthdate: September, 2012

Registered: AKC


Baxter is a handsome Black Tri Male from Champion show bloodlines. He has a full white collar and lots of beautiful copper trim. He is our smallest male. He weighs around 45 lbs. Baxter is great with our kids and wants to be wherever we are. He literally walks with his body against my leg and follows me everywhere I go! We took Baxter home when he was about 5 months old and he has been unsure of most men he has met since then, but if men let him approach them on his own terms, he’ll find that they are acceptable and over time, he’ll even let you pet him. He is NOT aggressive at all- just takes a little time to warm up to new people, especially men. He is enjoying retired life on the farm now.


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