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We presently do not have any puppies available for sale, but we are expecting a litter from Hope and Reuben in Mid April (ready for new homes in Late May or Early June).

We do have some adults available for rehoming (see below).

For more information about our dogs, please see our Meet Our Aussie page.

Please see our Puppy FAQ page to learn more about pricing, deposits, shipping, and what each puppy will come with. Contact me if you have any questions.

Currently Available:

Hope x Reuben are expecting puppies in April. We are accepting deposits for this litter now.



For several reasons, I need to downsize my breeding program. Re-homing my adults is by far, the hardest part of raising puppies, but sometimes I know it is best for everyone.


Jack $300 OBO


Jack is an intact, proven sire. Previous customers have enjoyed his puppies. He is NOT house trained and I’m not sure he would be easy to potty train. I will sell him with Breeding Rights (AKC papers, DNA Certified) for $400 or as a pet for less. Jack has been around kids, but not cats. He is used to spending his time in a fenced in yard or kennel with a run, but I think he would quickly catch on to “staying around the farm” with very little effort. He is very friendly with people. He does not always like other intact male dogs.


Love $400 

DOB 10/26/18

Love is an energetic blue merle female. She is not spayed and is an excellent mother. The only reason I am rehoming her is because I need to downsize. Love is friendly with people, but does like to be the boss in the dog world. She seems to get along better with males. Love is crate trained and was house trained as a puppy, but has not been in the house since she was about 6 months old. When I have her in our house, she is pretty well behaved, but does like to counter surf. 

Faith $200 OBO

DOB 10/30/17

Faith is just as energetic as she was a puppy. She loves to jump and it is probably NOT to late to teach her some agility moves! She needs lots of space to run and higher fences if in a yard (she can get all 4 paws about 4 feet in the air, just jumping from standing still). She is spayed. Faith was housetrained as a puppy, but at about 6 months old, I  made her an outside dog because I had 4 little kids at the time and couldn’t keep up with everyone! She is super friendly with PEOPLE, but NOT always with new DOGS. She does not need a lot of attention from humans (as in, she is more independent and less like velcro). 


Miya $100 OBO

Miya is a very sweet girl with people she trusts. She is fantastic with our children, but sometimes she finds people she does not trust and she WILL tell you about it. Miya needs a home that does not have a lot of people coming and going. If you are kind of a loner and just have a few close friends or family members visit, she would be a great dog for you! Or if you have a fenced in yard, where people like the mailman wouldn’t have to enter. Once she knows you, she is the sweetest!!!  If you’d like to meet her, I can meet you in a neutral location. She does not always love leashes or car rides, but I manage to get her in the car regularly to go to the groomer. Once we are there, she hops right out and walks in like she is happy to see them! LOL 


Baxter $100 OBO

DOB 9/12/2012

Baxter is a sweet boy, he gets along well with other dogs and is still quite active. He has free range on our farm and is enjoying retired life. I do not think Baxter could be housetrained. Baxter is looking for a PET ONLY retirement home.

 To learn more about our adults, please visit our Meet Our Aussies page. For pricing information click here. If you have any questions about the puppies or would like to see additional pictures, please click on the Contact Us link. I check my email daily, so if you don’t hear back from me right away, please try writing me again! You can also call or text me.
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