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Meet Our Aussies


Our Girls:

KIODA: Blue Merle, RETIRED; 45 lbs, 21 inches tall

Birthdate: 8/9/05

Registered APRI


This is Kioda; our very first Aussie mommy and the reason we started breeding Aussies. She is a beautiful blue merle who is very obedient, loyal, and loving. She is definitely my baby and will probably always be my absolute favorite because of her adorable personality. Kioda loves to flirt and show off when we come home; always picking something up and wiggling around to show us how excited she is to see us. She also smiles (for select people!!!) which really gets people’s attention and sometimes frightens them as they think she is showing her teeth for other reasons. Kioda is so gentle in everything that she does. She is a wonderful companion and mother.

Kioda has a full white collar, four white paws, and one blue eye. Kioda has puppies spread out across the United States; to see some of her beauties, please visit our Photo Gallery page. Kioda is now retired and will just enjoy living life with us on the farm. We love Kioda so much we have retained two Daughters and a grand-daughter from her for breeding.

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Charlotte: Blue Merle, 55 lbs, 23 inches tall.

Birthdate: 1/25/17

Registered AKC


Charlotte is a beautiful Blue Merle Female. She is larger than most of my other females. She is thick already and she is only a year old as I write this. Charlotte is playful and loving. I went back to the breeder I got Bo from to get one more of his granddaughters– just such a wonderful line Bo produced! I’m excited to see Charlotte’s puppies in the future. She’s a good girl!

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Sadie: Blue Merle,  60 lbs, 23 inches tall.

Birthdate: 5/5/16

Registered AKC


Sadie is a gorgeous blue merle female with two blue eyes. She is a very sweet girl, but she is a bundle of energy! She is quite large for a female too. Her size doesn’t slow her down though! She is quite the acrobat! She can jump and put her back feet on the wall about 4 feet off the ground. I expect Sadie to have her first litter of puppies in later spring-summer 2018.

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Faith: Blue Merle, still growing

Birthday: 10-30-17

Registered APRI


More Information coming

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Sara: Red Merle, 48 lbs, 21 inches tall.

Birthdate: 12-3-11

Registered AKC


Sara is a wonderful girl raised right here from our Bo and Kaci. She shares their laid-back personality. She loves to be pet and whenever I try to sit down, she comes right over and nozzles my hands until I give her some love. She is great with our children and people she knows. She does not have a mean bone in her body, but she sometimes barks at people she doesn’t know. 

Sara is a beautiful red merle with two partial blue eyes. She has always been slender and has a short coat, which makes her look even more slender! Sara and Baxter produce beautiful puppies who are playful and very sweet.  Sara’s pedigree is available upon request.


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Cocoa: Red Tri, 42 lbs, 18 inches

Birthdate: 8/1/14

Registered AKC

Cocoa is a gorgeous Red Tri Female that we retained from Sara and Baxter. Cocoa has the deep rich liver red color that I love so much with excellent tan points. She is our smallest female. She is energetic, agile, and very observant. Unfortunately, Cocoa is not very well trained, so she isn’t nearly the dog I know she could be! I retained her in the fall, just before the arrival of one of our children and I just didn’t get to spend much time with her when she was young. Despite her lack of training, she is very sweet and compassionate just like her parents. She is a third generation for me as I also owned her grandparents: Kaci & Bo. I’m hoping to work with her now that the weather is nicer and my kids can be outside with me more. I am confident she will learn quickly!

Cocoa is expecting her first litter of puppies in early May, 2016.


Janie: Blue Merle, 48 lbs, 20 inches

DOB: 11/11/14

Registered AKC

Janie is from Kaci and Bo, one of my favorite parent pairs. She is a beautiful blue merle female with a partial blue eye. While she isn’t as laid back as her mother, was, Janie is a great dog. Janie wants to please and is very curious. She loves to sit in the dog house! Janie’s puppies tend to be easy to train and very loved.


Miya: Black Tri, 49 lbs, 21 inches

DOB: 6/7/14

Registered AKC






Miya is a gorgeous black tri female from our Lucy & Rover. She has beautiful white and copper trim and she a wonderful sleek, shiny coat. Her mannerisms remind me of Rover; they both wiggle  with excitement in a flirtatious way. When it’s just our family, Miya is very well tempered. She is great with our kids and is very gentle and mild, but she isn’t always excited about new people and dogs.  

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Meet Our Boys:


Jack: Black Tri,  lbs, inches

Birthdate: 3-17-17

Registered: AKC




More information on Jack to come.

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ROVER: Red Tri, 65 lbs, 23inches

Birthdate: 5-10-11

Registered: AKC/APRI


Rover is from our  Bo. He is a beautiful Red Tri with gorgeous white and copper trim. He has a wonderful personality and has required very little training. He is wonderful with our kids and gets along well with all of our dogs. He definitely shares Bo’s wonderful disposition. He is a big boy, but he loves to please. Rover has a lot of interest in our cattle– I would love to have him trained as I think he would become an amazing worker! Rover will not leave our property; I have tried time and time again to take him on walks with me and when I get near the end of the driveway, he runs back up to the house and when I return, he hasn’t gone far!

Rover’s puppies tend to be large and beautiful! They have very sweet personalities and are playful. Rover’s pedigree is available upon request.

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BAXTER: Black Tri, 45 lbs, 20 inches

Birthdate: September, 2012

Registered: AKC


Baxter is a handsome Black Tri Male from Champion show bloodlines. He has a full white collar and lots of beautiful copper trim. He is quite a bit smaller than Bo and Rover. I think he is around 45 lbs. Baxter is great with our kids and wants to be wherever we are. He literally walks with his body against my leg and follows me everywhere I go! We took Baxter home when he was about 5 months old and he has been unsure of every man he has met since then. He doesn’t want to go near most men, but will joyful ask any women to pet him! He is still in training, but other than his initial burst of energy when I let him out of his yard into the wide open, he really just needs to meet a lot of nice men! Baxter produces gorgeous puppies who often get his rich copper color and flashy white markings. His puppies are playful, loving, and smart. Baxter’s Pedigree is available upon request.





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