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For Sale:

MOLLY: Blue Merle, 45 lbs, 21.5 inches tall.

Birthdate: 4/14/10

Registered APRI


Molly is from Kioda. She has Kioda’s loving, gentle personality. She loves our children and can’t get enough love from our family. In fact, Molly pretty much loves everyone! She can be a little shy around new people, but once she warms up to people, she instantly becomes friends with them. Both of Molly’s parents are “talkers” so Molly is officially the biggest talker we have! She finds anything to carry in her mouth and then she is ready to tell you a huge story!

Molly is a beautiful blue merle, she is slightly taller than Kioda. She has one partial blue eye. Molly’s fur is thick and short. Molly is full of personality!

I am looking for a new home for Molly because I am trying to down size so I have more time for each of my Aussies. Molly is retiring from breeding and would make an amazing companion. She will only be placed in a home where she will receive lots of love and attention. While Molly is not house trained, I think potty training her would be a piece of cake, she is a very neat and tidy girl! She does bark at strangers and can me apprehensive at first, but warms up quickly. Her biggest fault is that she is and always has been a chewer!!! Plastic is her favorite material to chew… 🙁 She walks pretty good on leash, but since the only time I put a collar on her is to take her to the vet, she isn’t fond of them! Please let me know if you are SERIOUSLY interested in Molly. She is a sweet girl and I love her dearly.